iSecure, security consultant

Professional, experienced and objective security consultant

Founded in 2009, and re-invented in 2012, iSecure as a company is "Work in Progress". iSecure is the leading regional provider of Technology and services for securing the Information Assets of Enterprises. iSecure is specialized in development of Security Policy, Security Awareness Training, the delivery of complete end-to-end solutions that encompass Perimeter Security, Secure Content Management, Identity and Access Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Risk, Policy and Compliance Management.

Why Us

We provide big business experience with a small business approach.
The employees at isecure are not only hired for particular technical skills or certifications, but also for their intelligence,ambitions, hard-working, creativity and problem solving. Working with us means you are enlisting a small and dedicated force of smart people who care about helping you find the best and the most practical solutions and ideas to your challenges.


iSecure helps leading organizations in TUNISIA, understand , monitor and mitigate the risks in their IT infrastructure.
iSecure has established a reputation for providing practical solutions that are both business driven and cost-effective.
This has enabled the company to secure the IT Infrastructure of leading Companies, Universities and Large Corporates in the region.