iSecure, security consultant

Professional, experienced and objective security consultant
Our Values

Mission Success through Trusted Relationships.

Our Mission

To deliver trusted security services and solutions assuring mission success.

Our Values

Trust is the Currency of our Business

Whether it is a relationship with our customers, strategic partners, colleagues or team members, Secure Mission Solutions has pride in our ability to build reputable relationships. We promise to provide the best solution and personnel available to help you obtain mission execution and will do so in a timely, cost efficient and effective manner. We walk the talk.

Integrity and Ethics are our Baseline

We believe in honesty and character –and know what’s right and wrong. The fiber of how we conduct our daily lives, both professionally as well as personally, provides the foundation for all our values.

Responsibility to be Fiscally Conservative

We understand our customers’ need for technical expertise at a reasonable price. Secure Mission Solutions is proud of its ability to provide the best people at a competitive price while ensuring that our personnel maintain financial stability and receive exceptional benefit and retirement options.

Exceptional Service from Highly Qualified Experts

In a post 9/11 world, security is at the forefront of American awareness. As leaders in integrated security services and solutions, Secure Mission Solutions is proactive in the services we provide, maintaining a staff of unsurpassed security experts who are technology driven, accessible, and responsive but most of all, love what they do.

Superior Performance Exceeding All Expectations

Agility is ingrained in our company culture. Secure Mission Solutions’ experts have the knowledge and bandwidth to accomplish any task with efficiency and unprecedented quickness while ensuring first-rate quality.

Responsibility to the Community at Large

Whether a relief mission for a national disaster or a clothing drive for the local homeless shelter, we at Secure Mission Solutions make every effort to do our part, not only because it our responsibility as a company, but because there is no greater satisfaction than giving back to those in need. We are proud to be American and return to the community what the nation has offered us.